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The Outside Track - "Curious things given wings"

The Outside Track - \"Curious things given wings\"

"Take Notice! This young Scottish band are really going for it! Their busy touring schedule, with concerts all over Europe and overseas indicates just how in demand the band are right now. The music takes flight the moment the CD is put in the CD player, and hits you immediately with its constant impact and drive.
The arrangements are extremely well played on accordion, guitar, fiddle, flute, whistles and, in particular, harp, which is played in a style that is anything but cheesy. The five musicians from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and Vancouver constantly vary their combinations and style, and also intersperse songs that are sung beautifully by Canadian Norah Rendell. Full speed ahead seems guaranteed considering the verve of this band!"
Ireland Journal, Sabrina Palm

"They are obviously having a ball, and you can almost see them smiling as they reach the final chords."
Taplas Magazine


01. The Turkish Revery
02. Le Voyage
03. Silvy Silvy
04. Swerving For Bunnies
05. The Jubilant Goat
06. Caroline of Edinburgh Town
07. Belladrum Outhouse
08. Malcolm's New Fiddle
09. Blackbirds and Thrushes
10. Madam Madam
11. The Panic!
12. Farewell Song


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