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Matt & Shannon Heaton "Lovers’ Well"

Matt & Shannon Heaton \"Lovers’ Well\"

“Their playing is masterful and inventive, their arrangements city-smart and spacious. Still, they never forget that Irish music is, at its heart, a neighborly form meant for sharing, not showing off."
Boston Globe, Scott Alarik

"Shannon is a great singer and flute player, and Matt’s harmonies and intricate guitar accompaniment are perfection. […] This album celebrates love. These two are in love and it comes through in every tune and song. […] This is magic.“
Livies liveIreland Music Awards, Bill Margeson
“Trad Fusion Album of the Year“ 2010

“This woman is the bottom line in flute playing. A trad treasure.”
Livies liveIreland Music Awards 2010, Bill Margeson
Shannon Heaton: “Female Musician of the Year” 2010 and 2011


1. Lily of the West
2. Where the Moorcocks Crow
3. Brad's Honeybees
4. Lover's Lament
5. Bay of Biscay
6. New Married Couple
7. Lao Dueng Duen
8. Golden Glove
9. Mountain Rambler
10. Midnight Sojourn
11. Lady Fair
12. First Date
13. Botany Bay
14. Poll Halfpenny


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