Since we are in business there is one program reform after the other. The result: More and more cultural radio and TV programs had to make space for the commercial ones. More and more good journalists got sacked. The print media are no different. The producers behind formatted radio and TV see no market share for World music. Listeners who do not want to hear the same 500 songs over and over switched off a long time ago. However we continue never the less with media promotion.

We take it is a sporting challenge and are trying to find niches, where we can beat the format. A big thank you to all those brave journalists who are stretching the format more than it would be allowed and risk to get a written warning. The old monopoly of the state funded main stream radios is competing now with a colorful scene of new media such as internet and citizen radios and online platforms. We are very much in touch with them. To strengthen their bonds we like to nurture this with some constructive ideas.

Dear media representatives if you want to subscribe to our monthly bulletins about tours, new CD releases and our opinion about cultural politics please do this by sending an email to

If you provide us with your postal address and a hint what kind of music you are presenting, we will register you for campaigns with new releases.

Beware this self-promotion!

Bands, their managements or record companies who are not familiar with the German or even Swiss World music media and are looking for a publicist, can ask us for a quote. Our skills to find the right mix of the state funded and independent radio stations, on-line forums and the World music orientated print, is held in high regard with majors such as Universal, Sony or Warner Brothers. They hired us many times to promote their World music artists.

A dozen CDs we promoted got the German critics’ award as the best album in their respective category. Many bands got live recorded by various radio stations as a result of our campaign. We booked our artists to the following TV programs

TV-Sendungen: ZDF Fernsehgarten, NDR Schaubude, SWR Nachtschicht, WDR Festival auf der Domplatte, DRS – Heitere Festival Zofingen, ARD/ZDF Morgenmagazin, Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehen, BR-Alpha Jazzfestival Burghausen, WDR – Jazzfestival Viersen und viele mehr.