Dear artist, band or manager,

We work in D, CH, A and Benelux and couple of times annually even in CZ, DK and F. In D, CH and LUX we work exclusively.

We need to get a basic feeling of what you are about and a link to a live video is a good start. You really need to have a professional video to approach us. References about signature gigs, festivals and reviews give us reliable bearings too. Your website looks professional. In addition to that you have good promotional tools such as photographs.    

If you think we are the right agency for you to learn to swim in the choppy waters over here, here is the recommended procedure to contact us.

We have two offices. One in Reutlingen and one in Dublin. Please send therefore your comprehensive kit including DVD, CD, biog and reviews to

Magnetic Music GmbH
Burkhardt-u.-Weber-Str. 69/1
72760 Reutlingen

Magnetic Music GmbH
1 Castlebrook
Dublin 16

Hall of Fame:
Rea Garvey (Reamonn)
Moya Brennan
Christy Moore
Paul Kuhn Trio
Red Hot Chilli Pipers

and many more