TOSS THE FEATHERS "Columbus Eclipse"
[MMR CD 401]

TOSS THE FEATHERS \"Columbus Eclipse\"
Rock meets Irish folk

"Majors chasing Feathers: In the five years Toss The Feathers have been around, they've appeared on Gaye Byrne's Late Late Show on RTE in Ireland, BBC Television's Rhythm Of The World series, as well as local programmes like What's New and Granada Reports. Despite having put out very few records, Toss The Feathers have a live reputation second to none, especially amongst those fans of Pogues-style celtic rock music. The band have just returned from a highly successful nine-week tour of France, Holland and Germany, where they've been playing to audiences of 1000 plus. They've just completed their first official studio album, which should be out in June, but with many a major label currently pursuing them, the release date could change if the band are offered the right kind of deal by the right label."
Manchester Evening News

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