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The Outside Track "Flash company"

The Outside Track \"Flash company\"

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik in der Sparte Folk!

“Vocal/Instrumental Group of the Year” at Live Ireland Music Awards 2012

“Being blunt for a moment, Flash Company is a bloody good album by any measure. It is smart, sophisticated, well produced and layered with some great tracks grounded in traditional music. The Outside Track are getting quite a reputation for their very polished take on folk and traditional music. This album builds on that reputation and their previous album […]”
Tony Lawless,

Track list:

False Knight on the Road
The Body Parts Set
Flash Company
The Testimonial
Le Petit Sarny
The Hawk & The Crow
Fishcakes & Brandy
The Whitby Maid
Inisvaddy Annie
The Transatlantic
Mountain Road

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