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Beoga "The incident"

Beoga \"The incident\"

‘The Incident’ was shortlisted for a GRAMMY nomination for Best Contemporary World Music Album!

”The Incident... an absolutely brilliant album”
Philadelphia Irish Edition, May 2009

"There’s method in the seeming madness of Beoga, the most exciting new traditional band to emerge from Ireland this century. Serious fun surfaces in several tracks of “The Incident” Beoga’s riveting new album on Compass Records and it’s third overall [...]"
The Wall Street Journal, March 2009

"Beoga has sasheyed, and, on this new album (hopped hiply) to the forefront of the Irish new wave. Their unique chemistry creates a sheer joy that permeates their playing... Every track is a sonic bouquet with tasty little flourishes... Beoga live are a sight for sore ears and a sound for sore eyes and this album captures the vibrancy of their live shows... the album’s a keeper."
Irish Music Magazine, March 2009

"Beoga is endowed with massive musical talent. Much of “The Incident” is simply thrilling, an auditory high-wire act without a net... With so many gifts, a band like Beoga simply has to push the boundaries. They can do anything—and they do. At times, the result is dazzling... park your traditionalist expectations at the door. Here’s a band that will challenge those expectations and take you on quite a ride."
Irish Philadelphia, March 2009


1. Lamped/The Pandoolin Dumpling
2. Antics: Antics in a Minor/Walter Benjamin/The Red Haired Lass
3. Mary Danced with Soldiers
4. Mister Molly's: Pick the Lock/Mister Molly's
5. Flying Golf Club: The Jewish Polka/The Gooseberry Bush/The Flying Golf
6. Strange Things
7. Incident: Slanty House Shenanigans/Three Seats Magoo/The Incident
8. Bellevue Waltz
9. On the Way
10. Fly Fishing: The Fly Fishing Reel/Up and Down Sir
11. Best Is Yet to Come

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