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Ian Smith "A Celtic Connection"

Ian Smith \"A Celtic Connection\"

”Not quite the end of the year, but I’m content recommending ‘A Celtic Connection’ as my album of 2011”
Irish Music Magazine

“I spent the first half of my life in Ayrshire, Scotland, and the second half of my life [so far] in Co Donegal, Ireland. The influence and significance of both have played a major part in making me who I am and what I do. The music and songs on this album are due in part to those influences and is my “Celtic Connection”. I hope it resonates with you.”
Ian Smith

Upon Cullodens Moor
Ae Fond Kiss
Pablos Eyes
Brightest Sky Blue
Griananns Hill
Bas In Eireann
Far Beyond Carrickfin
The Lea Rig
On Keadue Strand
In Philadelphias Arms
Will Ye Gang Love


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